Quality Control Analysis

Lawson Scientific Ltd provides comprehensive contract analytical services across a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemicals, environmental, food, health and many more.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results and delivering innovative solutions by working in partnership with our customers to build trusted long term relationships.

Our experienced staff provide expertise in the development and validation of methods over a diverse range of materials and equipment. We frequently develop methods for other particle characterisation companies and we have a reputation for developing methods for ‘difficult’ particulate systems.

Lawson Scientific Ltd undertakes routine, regular and repeat QA services for companies all over the EU and further afield.

We offer a fast, reliable service with access to a wide range of material characterisation equipment.

Our expertise:

  • Particle Size and Distribution
  • Zeta Potential
  • Particle Density
  • Particle Shape
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Thermal Analysis
  • XRD

Research & Development

Lawson Scientific is not just an analytical service provider; we also undertake Research & Development services for our customers.

Projects are diverse and range from:

  • Instrument/technique comparisons
  • Particle design & IP development
  • Formulation services
  • Development of advanced characterisation techniques.
  • Manufacture of bespoke particulates for R&D and near market trials.

We can work independently or as an extension of your own R&D teams. By working in partnership with our customers we are able to second staff to your premises or you can send staff to work in our laboratories.

The keyword is flexibility.


REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) is the system for controlling chemicals in the EU. It became law in the UK on 1st June 2007. Businesses that manufacture or import (from outside the EU) 1 tonne or more of any given substance each year are responsible for registering a dossier of information about that substance with the European Chemicals Agency.

Lawson Scientific has experience and expertise in helping you meet the Physical chemical data requirements

The majority of substances to be registered under REACH will require a full set of physical chemical data depicting physical chemical properties. Physical chemical data is used to assess the physical hazards and help predict possible toxicological or environmental hazards, fate and behaviour. They are used mainly for the purposes of safe handling but also, in the determination of the risk posed to humans and the environment through all stages of a substance lifecycle.

For particle size distribution, the parameter of interest is the effective hydrodynamic radius, or effective Stoke’s radius Rs. The particle size distribution is needed in order to decide which route of administration is most appropriate for animal toxicity studies (acute toxicity and repeated dose toxicity). The determination of the particle size fractions is used to assess the possible health effects resulting from inhalation of airborne particles.

It is also essential, as part of the assessment of the material for REACH to establish whether the material is classified as a Nanomaterial. Lawson Scientific has the skills, equipment and experience to help you determine this material attribute. See our Nanomaterial Application note for more information.

Nanomaterials Application Note

Expert Witness

Independent Scientific Expert Services for the Legal Profession

Using our extensive experience we provide impartial expert witness services for patent infringement cases.

Our scientists and associates have experience of providing both laboratory analysis and providing expert opinions in reports and in court.

We have expertise in a wide range of case types and specialise in material characterisation cases built on extensive experience and a strong reputation as leading scientists.

Previous work includes a challenge to a patent concerning the particle size and bioavailability for a pharmaceutical product: Work required expert knowledge of particle sizing techniques, especially low-angle laser light scattering, conversion of raw data to particle size, statistical distributions of sizes, and what different calculations of mean size actually tell us about the real size of a sample. Knowledge about the relationships between size, surface area and thence bioavailability were also required.

We have also been involved with the analysis of particle size and surface area within a pharmaceutical tablet: Work needed us to have knowledge of how to use tomographic approaches, surface chemical and bulk chemical analyses, as well as optical and electron microscope images to analyse the distributions, particle sizes, and available surface areas for pharmaceutical actives within a tablet.

Lawson Scientific has also provided expert witness testimony in court for a case which required Raman Spectroscopy expertise.

Raman Microscopy Case