Thermal Analysis


In collaboration with an expert partner laboratory, Lawson Scientific offer extended characterisation services and the capability to measure thermal properties of materials. We povide consultancy and contract analysis services using state of the art equipment with expert technical knowledge across a wide range of sectors.

Thermal analysis is important to many industries including pharmaceuticals, polymer, chemicals, food and many more to measure a huge range of physical and chemical properties as a function of temperature. In all these methods, the sample is subjected to a heating, cooling or isothermal temperature program.

Typical analysis is used in analytical, development, formulation and Quality Assurance (QA) laboratories within the pharmaceuticals, polymers, nanomaterials and food industries. DSC measures enthalpy changes in samples due to changes in their physical and chemical properties as a function of temperature and time.

We provide our customers information of material kinetic events like curing, volatilization, melting and decomposition, material thermal properties such as glass transition, heat capacity and heat enthalpy.


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