Lawson Scientific invests in New EquipmentFebruary 9, 2019

Lawson Scientific Ltd has continued to invest in state-of the-art characterisation techniques with the purchase of a Quantachrome NOVAe, Surface Area & Pore Size Analyser and a Quantachrome ULTRAPYCNOMETER 1000e Automatic Density Analyser. These instruments enable Lawson Scientific to accurately measure the BET Specific Surface Area and Porosity of materials and the Skeletal Density of materials. These properties are key quality attributes for a wide range of raw materials and formulated products, and are essential tools for R&D.

Company Founder, Dr Simon Lawson, said, “Investing in the right capital infrastructure for Lawson Scientific is critical for our future, and enables LSL to continue to deliver an outstanding service for customers. I can safely say that Lawson Scientific has the widest range of particle characterisation instrumentation in Harrogate!”

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