Laser Diffraction Proficiency Testing 2019October 2, 2019

Lawson Scientific Ltd has successfully participated in and passed the:

Interlaboratory test 2019: Measurement of the particle size distribution of ceramic powders by laser diffraction according to ISO 13320.

This is a laser diffraction proficiency-testing (PT) scheme run by the Advanced Technical Ceramics Division of BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany).  Forty three laboratories from twelve countries participated in the PT and analysed three materials. Surprisingly over 20% of the participants were unsuccessful demonstrating what we already know – particle sizing is difficult! Our results reinforce the high quality standards that Lawson Scientific Ltd operate to and we are delighted with this outcome.

Founder, Annette Lawson, said, “Quality is the key to our success and successfully passing the BAM PT reinforces what we already know – that Lawson Scientific staff are highly trained experts in their field. I’m proud of the team and might treat them to a cake later.”

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