X-ray microtomography

X-ray microtomography is a non-destructive technique to reconstruct 3D internal and external microstructure and density map materials with a sub-micron resolution.

This can provide information about your materials that was previously immeasurable non-destructively.

The range and variety of applications are rapidly growing and we have practical experience of measuring…

  • Pharmaceutical (identification of different constituents (API, excipient etc), tablet dissolution)
  • Biomedical implants
  • Agglomerates (particle and pore shape and size)
  • Aggregates (particle and pore shape and size)
  • Materials (flaw and impurity detection)
  • Particle shapes (food, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals etc)
  • Settled solids (sediment beds etc)

… for a range of industries including pharmaceutical drug development and manufacture, biomedical research, material science, dental research, electronic components, geology, zoology, botany, building materials, paper manufacture… The list goes on!